WAPS Interview

  1. 1. Online Coding
    1. 1.1. ???
    2. 1.2. Verify Preorder Serialization of a Binary Tree
  2. 2. Onsite Interview
    1. 2.1. Anagram Matching
    2. 2.2. Maximum Weighted Independent Set of a tree
    3. 2.3. Summary
    4. 2.4. VP Interview
  3. 3. Something more

3.31 rejected..
Since the campus recruitment in this year is over, a little summary here..

Online Coding


I forgot this one and no record, really easy though.

Verify Preorder Serialization of a Binary Tree

One way to serialize a binary tree is to use pre-order traversal.
When we encounter a non-null node, we record the node’s value.
If it is a null node, we record using a sentinel value such as #.

  • Examples
    • “9,3,4,#,#,1,#,#,2,#,6,#,#” → true
    • “1,#” → false
    • “9,#,#,1” → false

  • Solution
    Just simply go pre-order traversal and check whether each node has two sons…
    Careful about some corner cases..

  • Code

Onsite Interview

4 easy problems… I gotta have a solution only with a glance.

I only recall 2 of them.

Anagram Matching

anagram: a word formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as cinema, formed from iceman
try to figgure out the number of occurrences of all the anagrams of $T$ in $S$, lowercase alphabets

  • Solution
    use the number of occurrences of each alphabet to hash all the anagrams of $T$
    total time complexity is $O(\sum |S|),where\sum = 26$

Maximum Weighted Independent Set of a tree

choose some nodes that each pair of them have no edge.
try to maximize the total weight of the chosen nodes

  • Solution
    simple tree dp. $f[u][0/1]:=$ the maximum weight of the independent set that the subtree rooted at $u$, and choosing $u$ or not
    and the transition is simple:
    choose $u$, all of its sons mustn’t be choosed
    not choose $u$, choosing or not choosing its sons is OK, choose the maximum one.
    $ans=\max \{f[root][0], f[root][1]\}$
    total time complexity is $O(N)$


Two interviewers are both very nice and patient. Good Expericence.

VP Interview

Fvcking stupid that I talked about FP programming…
I’m not familiar with that..
I think the Japanese interviewer was a little sleepy, so absolutely my interview is a shit.. even he “woke up” when heard FP..
And it seemed that the Chinese one is weak.. some easy cpp questions..

Bad Expericence!
A Lesson:no more talking about the things without knowing a shit..

Something more

No chance to attempt the indeed interview is a pity..
it would be very nice to have a free trip to Japan..

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