Backthoughts during These Days

“I’m sorry that you are not the person we choose”
“I’m sorry …”

Yeah, I gotta some problems myself, mainly from the ICPC regionals’ results…
I managed to avoid that, yet I can’t control the inner hints myself…

During the toutiao interview, the first two was OK.
The third one crashed..

Last year, a new team formed, and I became the vice coder instead of
the major coder…
Less and less onsite coding, makes me lose the judgement of coding time of a problem..

WAPS online Interview, anxiety made me … couldn’t think straightly..
Unexpectedly, onsite interview, I did a great job.. even I was not matched at last.
Anyway, it doesn’t matter.. Life is not all about money and comfort,
and I’d love to have some challenges which hard mode of life will be more exciting.

Well, going back to the third one of toutiao’ interview.
So bad! I AM the one who can code a complicated data structure problem,
and a complicated implementation problem too…
Calm down, and 30 minutes is OK.. Do believe myself…
Failure won’t take anything.
Results can’t be changed, more world later on.

2 times I failed at the third interview of toutiao.
I don’t believe the fate, just lack of some luck.
More details, see this link, click me

Be better and More progress!
More effort on the hard mode chosed!